LO-SKID™ LS7000 / LS7100


High Density Urethane Foam with a High Coefficient of Surface Friction Available Uncoated or Adhesive-Coated One Side.

Lo-Skid LS7000/LS7100 urethane foam products are widely recommended for bumpers and footpads for appliances and elecronic products because it provides a high coefficient of surface friction combined with a smooth non-marring surface. Lo-Skid is flexible and can easily be die-cut to the required size and shape.

* Business Machine Foot Pads and Bumpers
* Houseware Foot Pads and Bumpers
* Industrial Equipment Foot Pads and Bumpers
* Electronics Foot Pads and Bumpers

* High Coefficient of Friction
* Abrasion Resistance
* Flexible and Conformable
* High Durometer-Will Withstand Heavy Loads
* Smooth, Non-Marring Surface