LuciteLux® Museum Grade Cast Acrylic Sheet


LuciteLux® Museum Grade cast acrylic sheet filters out 98% of harmful UV, which causes fading and decomposition of exhibits. For maximum protection and optimum clarity, UV light between 200-400nm wavelength must be blocked while visible light between 400-700 must be allowed through.

* Advertising display
* Architecture
* Art & Design
* Cabinets
* Corporate identity
* Cosmetics display
* Tradeshow Exhibits
* Furniture
* Hospitality
* Interior design
* POP display
* Store fixtures
* Signage


* Excellent optical quality and clarity
* Meets demanding museum standards
* More impact resistant than glass
* Allows for easy fabrication and fitting
* Superior craze resistance
* Easy to clean
* Uniform caliper control
* Lightweight