NORMOUNT® V1300 Bonding/Mounting Tape


Polyurethane Foam Bonding Tape for Interior Use.

* Retail Packaging
* Circuit Board Mounts
* Signs
* Security Pads
* Component Mounts
* Wire/Cable Mounts
* Appliance Emblems
* Mirror Mounting
* Wall Displays
* Interior Trim and Ornamentation
* Tiles and Panels
* Kick Panels
* Panel Stiffner Attachment
* Glass Lamination


* Acrylic Adhesive Provides Durable Bond
* Promotes Maximum Surface Contact and Adhesive “Wet-out”
* Absorbs Vibration
* Mitigates Effects of Temperature-Induced Expansion and Contraction
* Helps Prevent Corrosion by Eliminating Contact Between Dissimilar Materials.