Novanite® Solid Surface Acrylic


NOVANITE® is a nonporous solid surface acrylic with tremendous hardness. It has the appearance and feel of natural stone or granite and is easy to maintain. This permits it to be one of the cleanest and brightest materials available on the market today. NOVANITE® is extremely hygienic due to the fact that it does not allow the formation of fungus.

Novanite is a perfect material to give your kitchen (whether its in your home, RV, camper, boat or cottage) the high-end finish look, but without the high-end finish cost. Novanite is easy to work with and comes in a variety of solid surface colors (including green, grey, red and white) and textured colors, mimicking the look of granite.

• Kitchen countertops
• Countertops in commercial buildings and retail stores including banks, convenience stores, pharmacies, hospitals & restaurants
• Wall covering and partitions
• Tabletops and bar tops
• Bathroom sinks and countertops
• Desktops

Speckled Patterns: Granite, Speckled Blue, Cancun, Mineral Gray, Snow White (Speckled Pattern,
Solid Colors: Polar White, Iceberg White, Ruby, Gray, Magenta, Blue Gray, Chalk, Mustard, Lime Green, Salmon, Blue, Light Green

• Solid & textured (granite look) colors
• Durable
• Modern look and feel of stone or granite countertops
• Lighter than stone or granite
• Hygienic-does not allow the formation of fungus
• Chemical resistant
• Flame retardant
• Easy to maintain