Polyimide stock shapes provide a superior combination of high temperature, bearing and wear resistance, and mechanical properties, making it an ideal choice for performance in the most demanding resistance applications. Polyimide is characterized by its long term thermal stability, outstanding wear resistance, high creep resistance and strength up to its continuous use temperature of 572 °F. Specialty grades containing internal lubricants such as PTFE and graphite are available for applications requiring improved wear resistance and lower coefficients of friction.

* Pump parts
* Valve seats
* Piston rings
* Gear blanks
* Circuit boards
* Electrical components
* Bearings / Bushings

* Superior high temperature characteristics (can operate up to 572 °F continuously)
* Excellent long term thermal stability and creep resistance
* Outstanding bearing and wear properties (at elevated temperatures, Polyimide formulations offer superior wear rates)
* High strength and stiffness properties (tensile strength of 20,000 psi at room temperature)
* High purity characteristics (only extremely low levels of extractables and ionic impurities are apparent in Polyimide)
* Good chemical resistance (not attacked by common solvents or fuels and acceptable for use in contact with many acids)