Portable Room Partition


To help support social distancing and provide an additional level of protection for both employees and customers, Total Plastics has developed a low profile, portable partition ideally suited for environments where an optional barrier may be necessary or requested.

The partitions can be quickly and easily moved into place to provide protection in a business environment, such as a restaurant, where social distancing isn’t always feasible or may be optional. The portable panels help eliminate the need of static barriers that may prevent a business from alternating the floorplan or adjusting to accommodate for increased traffic.

The dual panel frame on our portable room partition provides customers the ability to customize their partitions to fit decor, match branding or to be used in promotion. The top panel, for instance, can be:

1. Etched with a company logo
2. Whiteboard with specials
3. Replaced to match team or season colors
4. Switched out weekly to promote a special

The bottom panel can be a durable, less expensive material to hold up against scratches and dents that occur over time and then easily replaced when necessary. A variety of colored opaque panels are also available.

Our portable room partition includes four 2-inch casters with a locking option, making it easy to move across hard surfaces or carpeted floors and lock into place to prevent movement.

Frame: Black or Gray aluminum
Panels: Custom color options available

• Lightweight & easily to move around to provide a necessary barrier in close quarters
• Variety of panel options allows customers to match interior decor and business branding
• Top panel can be etched with a logo, used as a whiteboard and/or quickly changed out to promote specials
• Solid aluminum frame will hold up over time
• Custom sizes and additional panels available