Portable Workplace Room Dividers


The manufacturing floor can present challenges when employers try to promote and maintain some degree of social distancing between employees. In addition to not disrupting the flow of work and an employees’ ability to efficiently complete their job, social distancing solutions, such as partitions and barriers, also have to account for safety requirements.

In response to those challenges, Total Plastics has developed a see through portable workplace room divider, a long-term protective solution for office, manufacturing and assembly environments. Constructed from extruded aluminum and clear polycarbonate panels, this lightweight and mobile barrier can be configured into a variety of designs to work around an established work area.

The clear polycarbonate panels not only offer a high level of light transmission, making sure lines of sight are not obstructed, but the panels are also virtually unbreakable making it an ideal solution for employee safety. Each panel measures 36 x 80 inches. With its four-panel design, the industrial workstation partition can be used to surround a large square-foot area or it could be collapsed down for areas where employees work closely together, such as on an assembly line.

While polycarbonate panels come standard with our portable workplace room divider, opaque and frosted panels can be substituted. White or black opaque panels will provide a level of privacy. Frosted panels still allow a high level of light transmission while providing some degree of privacy.

Gray Aluminum Tube and Clear Polycarbonate Panels

• Multiple configurations make it possible to wrap around workstations and/or fit into any shop environment.
• Comes standard with virtually unbreakable clear polycarbonate allowing full visibility and added employee protection from debris.
• Hollow aluminum tubing, plastic connectors and polycarbonate panels make it lightweight and easy for one person to move.
• Each panel measure 36 inches wide by 80 inches tall. Partition stands 82 inches tall with casters.
• Polycarbonate panels can be easily cleaned and disinfected. Specialty plastic cleaning products available upon request.
• Damaged or distorted panels can be quickly replaced.
• Offered with opaque white or black panel option when increased privacy is required, such as for employee health screenings.
• Optional stationary base/stand available for customers not requiring casters and a mobile divider.
• .260 channel for panel inserts, allowing for a variety of material thicknesses including 1/4 and 1/8 inch (common sizes).
• Solid aluminum frame construction that will hold up over time and protect panel edges.
• Locking casters to prevent divider from moving or rolling on uneven surfaces and solid steel hinges that will hold up to years of use.
• Fully collapsible making it easy to store when not in use.