PROPYLUX® HS Heat Stabilized Polypropylene


Medical grade Propylux HS is made from an FDA approved polypropylene resin. Through a unique heat-stabilizing process, the extruded material is able to withstand higher temperatures with less water absorption than standard polypropylene. Recommended sterilization techniques for Propylux HS include steam autoclaving and cold sterilization.

Rod: Black, Brown, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Dark Green, Neon Green, Aqua, Grey, Red, Magenta, Violet, Orange, Rust, White and Yellow. Custom Colors Available, Call for Details.

* Excellent chemical resistance
* Laser markable
* Lot controlled and traceable
* Low moisture absorption
* FDA, USP VI, BSE/TSE (free of animal derived ingredients)
* Superior dimensional stability


1”, 1-1/2” and 2” in 96” lengths
2-1/2” and 3” in 48” lengths

Custom Sizes Available, Call for Details.