Quadrant Acetal Products (Acetron® & Delrin®)



Acetal provides high strength and stiffness coupled with enhanced dimensional stability and ease of machining. As a semi-crystalline material, acetal is also characterized by a low coefficient of friction and good wear properties––especially in wet environments. Because acetal absorbs minimal amounts of moisture, its physical properties remain constant in a variety of environments. Low moisture absorption results in excellent dimensional stability for close tolerance machined parts. In high moisture or submerged applications, acetal bearings outperform nylon 4 to 1. Acetal is ideally suited for close tolerance mechanical parts and electrical insulators which require strength and stiffness. It also offers resistance to a wide range of chemicals, including many solvents.

Acetron® GP is Quadrant’s general purpose copolymer acetal and is the only porosity-free acetal product available today. Acetron® GP natural and black are FDA, USDA, NSF, Canada AG and 3A-Dairy compliant.

Delrin®, a homopolymer acetal, offers slightly higher mechanical properties than Acetron® GP acetal, but may contain a low density center, especially in larger cross-sections. Acetron® GP acetal also offers better chemical resistance than homopolymer acetal. Delrin® is better suited for small diameter, thin-walled bushings that benefit from the additional strength and rigidity of homopolymer acetal.

Delrin® AF Blend is a unique thermoplastic material for use in moving parts in which low friction and long wear life are important. It is a combination of PTFE fibers uniformly dispersed in Delrin® acetal resin. This combination offers better wear characteristics than unfilled Delrin®. Delrin® AF Blend, supplied as a 2:1 blend of Delrin® AF100 and Delrin® 150 resins, has excellent sliding / friction properties. Bearings made of Delrin® AF Blend can operate at higher speeds while exhibiting reduced wear. These bearings are also essentially free of slip-stick behavior because the static and dynamic coefficient of friction is closer than with most plastics. Delrin® AF Blend retains 90% of the strength that is inherent in unmodified Delrin® acetal. Some properties are changed due to the addition of the softer PTFE fiber. The natural color of Delrin® AF Blend is Dark Brown. Ertalyte® TX is a better value in many applications where Delrin® AP blend is considered.

*DELRIN® AF 100*
Uniblended Delrin® AF offers a slightly higher limiting PV and lower coefficient of friction due to additional PTFE content. This added PTFE typically decreases the wear capability and impact strength. Delrin® AF 100 is available on a custom basis.

* Low moisture absorption
* High strength, stiffness
* Easy to machine
* No centerline porosity in Acetron® GP
* Many formulation options such as Copolymer, Homopolymer, PTFE filled and Internally lubricated or enhanced wear grade