Quadrant Nylon


Nylon’s toughness, low coefficient of friction and good abrasion resistance make it an ideal replacement for a wide variety of materials from metal to rubber. Using nylon reduces lubrication requirements, eliminates galling, corrosion and pilferage problems. Nylon also improves wear resistance and sound dampening characteristics. Nylon has a proven record of outstanding service in a multitude of parts for such diverse fields as paper, textiles, electronics, construction, mining, metalworking, aircraft, food and material handling. Today, a variety of extruded and cast nylon grades are available to match specific application demands.

* Broadest size range availability
* Good mechanical and electrical properties
* Ideal balance of strength and toughness
* Many grade options: FDA compliant, Internally lubricated, Heat stabilized
* Cast as finished parts and near net shapes (Nylon 6)