Quadrant PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) Type I, Grade I, Per ASTM D-1784


An economical material for lower temperature, wet applications requiring good chemical resistance.

PVC is an economical alternative to more expensive materials for liquid containment. PVC performs in applications up to 160 °F and is thermoformable. Quadrant’s PVC sheet is compatible with Type I PVC pipe, so the piping system can be welded directly to the liquid container, eliminating flanges and connectors.

* Tanks
* Valve bodies
* Drip trays
* Hoods and ducting
* Instrument housings
* Pump components
* Secondary containment
* Structural components

* Resists many acids, alkalis and solvents
* UL94 V-0 Flammability rating
* Corrosion resistant
* Vacuum formable
* No moisture absorption