Use Rulon® when problems with heat, cold, lubrication, wear, corrosion or friction are a design constraint. Rulon® is designed to operate dry.

*RULON® J:* Dull gold in color, Rulon® J has the lowest coefficient of friction of all the reinforced PTFE grades. It has the ability to run on non-ferrous and non-metallic mating surfaces such as 316 stainless steel and brass.

*RULON® LR:* Maroon in color, Rulon® LR is a filled PTFE material modified to increase the material’s mechanical properties. The resulting material exhibits slightly more load capacity than Rulon® AR with a corresponding decrease in flexibility. Rulon® LR is a standard bearing material and is used in sleeve, flange, thrust, and linear bearing applications.

*RULON® AR:* Maroon in color and the original Rulon® material, AR has the best combination of flexibility and load carrying properties. It is recommended for seal applications. Rulon® AR is a good electrical insulator and has excellent chemical resistance.

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J: Dull Gold
LR Maroon
AR: Maroon

* Corrosion Resistance
* Temperature Resistance
* Good Electrical Properties