School Desk Barrier


In the OSHA Guidance for Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19, workers who have regular exposure to the general public, such as a school, fall into the Medium Exposure Risk category and OSHA recommends the use of a physical barrier. Total Plastics offers both clear and opaque barriers for schools. Available immediately for delivery in August, Total Plastics is offering the UltraBoard Micro Barrier, a school desk barrier, manufactured by United Industries.

Total Plastics is a distributor of the UltraBoard Micro Barrier, designed specifically for school desktops. The UltraBoard Micro Barrier is an all-plastic corrugated barrier, equipped with a large clear plastic window, that is ideally suited to support social distancing in educational environments. The UltraBoard Micro Barrier is available in 2 sizes:

* Small: 20×20 inch front panel (14×20 inch side panels)
* Large: 23×24 inch front panel (16×24 inch side panels)

Several thousand Micro Barriers are immediately available. Manufactured in the U.S., the UltraBoard Micro Barrier is a quick, large scale solution to social distancing as schools look to reopen for the 2020-21 school year. School districts who act in July can receive their barriers in August.

Since the UltraBoard Micro Barrier is constructed completely from plastic, the entire surface can be easily sanitized over-and-over for ongoing use. The UltraBoard Micro Barrier is also light weight, weighing around 1 lbs., making it easy for students to carrier their micro barrier around from classroom-to-classroom.

The portable and light UltraBoard Micro Barrier is also customizable. School districts could have a logo or message printed on the corrugated panels. In addition to formal printing, students could also customize their barrier by adding their name and/or decorating it. Printing will increase delivery timeframe.

The UltraBoard Micro Barrier is constructed from 4MM corrugated polypropylene and a thin-gauge clear PETG sheet.

In addition to the UltraBoard Micro Barrier, Total Plastics also offers acrylic and polycarbonate sheets for front office barriers, library and cafeteria partitions, and face shields for district personnel.

Alternative clear materials, such as acrylic and polycarbonate, are traditionally more expensive than PETG. School districts needing a large-scale solution will save money by using our PETG-based barriers. The corrugated frame is strong enough to hold up to daily wear-and-tear and light weight enough to not cause safety concerns if dropped.

White with clear panel

* Light weight and easy to carry around
* Tri-fold panels fold down making it easy to transport, store and ship
* Less expensive and more durable than acrylic or polycarbonate panels
* Two different sizes to accommodate different school desks
* All plastic construction can be wiped down and sanitized
* Clear, large PETG window offer excellent light transmissions and minimal to no distortion
* If it falls off the desk, it will not shatter like glass or acryilc