TECAFINE™ PP (Polypropylene)


Tecafine™ PP (polypropylene) is a polypropylene, random copolymer polyolefin engineering plastic providing excellent chemical resistance and high purity. FDA compliant with better mechanical properties than other typical polyolefin materials, it is light weight, weldable, and unaffected by moisture.

(Tecafine™ PP’s excellent chemical resistance and high purity characteristics make it ideal for use in the food processing and chemical processing industries)
* Pump and valve components
* Tanks
* Laboratory equipment
* Other parts in contact with corrosive environments

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Opaque / Beige Grey

* Excellent chemical resistance (resistant to organic chemicals, solvents, mineral acids, and inorganic salts)
* FDA compliant (meets FDA 21CFR 177.1520)
* Weldable
* High purity
* Lightweight
* Moisture resistant
* Unsurpassed quality

Diameters: 3/16” to 16”
Lengths: 10’ for 3/16” to 4-3/4” DIA., 5’ for 5” and over DIA.