Outdoor applications for TIVAR® UV Resistant are endless. The modified formula retains all the key properties of TIVAR® — low friction surface, wear and corrosion resistance, impact strength — and, exhibits enhanced stability for outdoor, UV-exposed applications.

In agricultural applications, TIVAR® UV Resistant extends the life and performance of field equipment. Parts made from TIVAR® UV Resistant are self-lubricating and won’t corrode or freeze, offering extended life and improved performance whether used on new machinery or as retrofits on weathered equipment.

* Airboat bottoms
* Amusement park wear components
* Boat rubrails
* Combine skid plates
* Dock fender facings
* Dump trailer liners
* Ice rinks
* Plow board liners
* Rink kick plates
* Salt spinners
* Sand/salt boxes
* Shank protectors
* Skateboard heel stops
* Snowmobile belly pan liners
* Snowmobile ski skins
* Snowplow blades
* Snowplow mold boards
* Spreaders
* Sprockets
* Trough liners
* Water slide liners
* Wearstrips

Black. Call TPI for Custom Colors.

* Excellent outdoor stability
* Retains key properties up to three times longer during outside use than non-UV formulations
* Reduces noise
* Self-lubricating
* Corrosion-resistant
* No moisture absorption

Sheet Size: 48″ x 120″
Gauge sizes: Range from 1/16″ to 2″

Also available in rod, board, tape, tube and molded parts.