UV Resistant Acrylic Sheet


ACRYLITE® UV filtering acrylic (OP2) sheet guaranteed defect free with a high UV filtering and a crystal clear edge, this cell cast acrylic sheet is the clear choice for museum vitrines. Easily fabricated, edges can be mitered and cemented for strong nearly invisible joints. It can be thermoformed, cold-formed, screen printed and painted. This product is also available with an abrasion and chemical resistant coating upon request.


* Superior light transmission
* High impact strength guards valuables from possible damage in high traffic environments
* Blue-green tinted edge similar to high quality glass
* Filters high level of damaging UV light
* Eliminates objectionable yellow tint evident in other UV filtering materials
* Easily fabricated, thermoformed, cold-formed, screen printed and painted
* Mar resistant coating optional


Sheet Sizes: 48” x 72”, 48″ x 96″, 72” x 96”
Thicknesses: .080″, .118″, .177″, .236″, .354″, .500″


Sheet Sizes: 48″ x 96″
Thicknesses: .177″, .236″, .354″