ZELUX® (Polycarbonate)


Zelux® polycarbonate has excellent dimension, mechanical, and electrical properties. It can be polished to a high clarity for sight glasses and lenses. Zelux® W or window grade comes in thicknesses up to 3”. Zelux® is the clear choice!

* Site Glasses
* Viewing Windows
* Impact Shields
* Fluid Handling Components
* Manifolds
* Scientific and Analytical Instrument Components
* Electrical Components
* Housings and Covers

* Various Grades Available
* Optical Clarity
* Excellent Impact Resistance
* Exceptional Dimensional Stability
* Low Moisture Absorption
* Easy to Machine
* Good Strength and Stiffness Over a Wide Range of Service Temperatures
* Good Electrical Insulating Properties
* Easy to Fabricate, Paint and Glue

WESTLAKE Sheet Sizes: 48” x 96”, 48” x 120”, 60” x 120”