ACRYLITE® Solar Panel Acrylic


ACRYLITE® Solar acrylic provides high energy conversion efficiency and premium durability to outdoor weathering, all while being easy to machine and fabricate. In addition, the material’s production leaves a smaller energy footprint than glass. ACRYLITE® Solar offers low refractive index and extremely high light transmittance of over 92%. Standard thicknesses are 3 and 4 mm (48×96 in. sheet)

At about half the weight of glass, ACRYLITE® offers 11 times its impact strength, and can even withstand hailstones. It can take rough treatment, and can be precisely machined and fabricated to fit your application.

• Covers for build-in photovoltaics
• Hot embossing of radial and linear Fresnel lenses for CPV/CSP applications


• UV transmission is specially adjusted to photovoltaic applications (PV, CPV)
• Provides better energy conversion efficiency and module efficiency
• Longer service life of photo cells, lenses & covers
• Ease of processing
• Good thermoformability
• High heat deflection temperature
• Greater impact strength than glass combined with much lighter weight
• High mechanical strength, surface hardness & scratch resistance