Dielectric Sheet


Dielectric Sheet is a cellular based laminate impregnated with thermosetting resins. Manufactured under high pressure and temperature into dense, uniform sheets having good electrical and mechanical properties. This material conforms to Nema XX thickness and flatness standard and is U.L. listed E96516 as a self-extinguishing material. Dielectric Sheet has low moisture absorption and good dielectric strength. It also has good dimensional stability and is easy to fabricate. Consider Dielectric sheet when using glass polyester for indoor applications.

* Electrical enclosures
* Phase barriers / Die stock
* Bus bar insulation
* Transportation
* Industry panels
* Switchgear mounting
* Air flotation tables
* Table tops for saws

* Laminate
* Good Electrical Properties
* Extremely High Arc Resistance
* Conforms to Nema XX standards
* UL Listed as Self-Extinguishing
* Low Moisture Absorption
* Good Dimensional Stability
* Easy to Work With