Lexan™ Margard™ Coated Sheet (MR10XL)


Available in four different types, Margard™ Coated Sheet not only has the usual properties of a polycarbonate material, it also has a proprietary hard surface coating on one or both sides. This makes it highly resistant to abrasion and weathering. Available clear or bronze-tinted, products come with a limited warranty against loss of light transmission, coating failure and breakage.

Clear, bronze, grey, green. Additional custom colors may be available with minimum order quantity.

* High impact strength
* Excellent abrasion and UV resistance
* Flame retardance
* Excellent chemical resistance
* Lightweight
* Excellent weatherability
* Excellent clarity and light transmission

Potential Applications:
* Anti-vandal glazing
* Security glazing
* Safety screens
* Motorcycle windshield
* Visor and face shields
* Aircraft and rail interiors
* Building and construction interiors
* Train interior glazing
* Aircraft windows
* Laminated safety glazing
* B&C glazing
* Machine guards
* Road, rail and airport noise reduction barriers


Certain sizes & colors may be subject to minimum quantity order. Additional lead time may be required to fulfill these orders.
Product Gauge mm/in Standard Sheet Size Natural &
Standard Colors
Standard Length Available Length


Mar resistant Extra long UV resistant

Masking: Top & bottom

4.5/.177   48, 60, 72 N/A 97-144 Clear, Bronze, Grey, Green
6.0/.236   48, 60, 72 N/A 97-144
9.5/.375  60, 72 N/A 97-144
12.7/.500 60,72 N/A 97-144