Reduce cabin heat absorption by 50%


Polycast UV-SC Solar Control is a revolutionary new glazing material developed by Spartech for the Marine industry and distributed exclusively by Total Plastics, Inc. This material, used for windows, hatches and doors of marine vessels, reduces the rise in cabin temperatures by as much as 50% when compared to other common marine glazing material. This results in lower interior temperatures by as much as 20˚F, depending on conditions.

Polycast performed and recorded tests comparing Polycast UV-SC Solar Control to standard marine glazing material, in this case glass. The time lapse videos below demonstrates how Solar Control (video on the right) effectively blocks heat absorption. Over the course of 1 hour with direct exposure to a heat lamp the temperature in the “room” enclosed by glass rose to 135˚F. Under the exact same test conditions, the temperature for the Polycast UV-SC Solar Control environment was 25˚ cooler.

Glass test:
Polycast UV-SC Solar Control:

Standard tints

• Full protection from the sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays
• Significantly cooler, more comfortable cabin interiors, less severe temperature fluctuations
• Available in a variety of color shades, from near-colorless to standard tint colors
• Improved opitical clarity compared to traditional tinted glazing materials
• Reduced fading of cabin interior, furniture, and other fixtures
• Coated acrylic material provides 45 times greater abrasion resistance compared to uncoated acrylic
• Suitable for fabricating and thermoforming
• Developed in compliance with ABYC H-3 (ANS) and ANSI Z26.1 Table 1 Item 2 standards
• Lower cabin temperatures may increase the service life of expensive electronic and the boat’s HVAC system