Tecator™ PAI (Polyamide-Imide) is a high performance melt processable polyamide-imide that maintains its excellent mechanical and wear properties in temperature environments exceeding 500 °F.

*TECATOR™ TI5013* – a high strength structural grade featuring good electrical properties and strength, making it ideal for demanding applications at a broad range of temperatures.
*TECATOR™ TI5031* – offers high PV capabilities in bearing applications, primarily at high loads and low speeds
*TECATOR™ GF30 (XP142T)* – a 30% glass filled grade, compression molded with superior stiffness and dimensional stability

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* Requires no post-curing
* Maintains mechanical properties in high temperatures and after machining
* Outstanding bearing and wear properties (at elevated temperatures, formulations offer superior wear rates)
* Excellent long term thermal stability
* Excellent electrical values (dielectric strength is 395 V/mil)
* Good chemical resistance (PAI is not attacked by common solvents or fuels and is acceptable for use in contact with many acids)
* Superior high temperature characteristics (PAI can operate up to 500 °F continuously)


Length: 11.8” to 39.3” to 48”
Diameters: 5 mm to 10 mm


Plate Sizes: 5 mm to 40 mm thicknesses inclusive are:
11.8” x 11.8”
11.8” x 39.3”
11.8” x 48”