PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide) is a highly crystalline, high temperature thermoplastic with an excellent balance of cost, temperature resistance, strength, chemical resistance and flame retardance. PPS is often used when long-term high temperature performance and dimensional stability are a must, even in the presence of aggressive chemicals. In most applications, PPS is supplied as a filled compound with glass fiber, carbon fiber or mineral reinforcements.

* Fuel injectors
* Manifolds
* Pumps
* Pistons
* Gears
* V-packing gaskets
* Bearings

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* Excellent high temperature resistance (some PPS compounds can operate continuously to 450 °F)
* Flammability (UL 94) V-O/5VA (very low smoke emission)
* Excellent chemical, radiation and hydrolysis resistance
* Very resistant to creep, deformation under load and compression set
* Excellent tribological properties at elevated temperatures
* Very good electrical properties in certain formulations


Length: 10’
Diameters: 3/16” to 4”


Plate Sizes:
2’ x 4’ for 1/4” to 2” thicknesses
1’ x 4’ for 2-1/4” to 4” thicknesses